Unlearn - Soulmachine



Letra, canción



It’s been so long But it feels like the first time
So fearless so hopeful No one could save us
But Where were you? Would you say you were finding your own way?

Does it feel like forever, It´s hard without you here

Memories makes me bleed everyday
I was born and I will die the rest is mine
The bleed is mine

It hurts not to listen to what you have to say
It's not that simple as I though to Be free on your own

And you know and I know There’s no difference between us
Would you take my hand In the deepest end

I rather be wasting more time with you
I should be strong But I’m afraid of all this changes
But what can I do I miss you
Do you cry sometimes? Do you have that fear of life?
You can do anything anytime
You got to Follow your answers
Memories makes such a beautiful life

So please hold on