Bitter Chocolate
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Ah...I take in a deep breath
And go along with the same kind smile
Even though you're always by my side
Again today you haven't noticed the mistake I made

Slowly melting bitter chocolate
It called to me and I drowned in its sweet scent

The distance between us seems just enough for your hair to tickle me if the wind blows
You took me along and we walked side by side
I'd always been pretending not to see
Thinking and yawning as tomorrow swiftly comes
The lost pieces of my heart can't be fixed

Hey, if me missing you
Has to do with love or lust
Then I'm sorry; we're breaking up today
I'd be happy if we could stay friends...I think

I'm all by myself
And in a too wide, cold bed, seeing someone else's dream

Facing your tall shoulders
I stood on tiptoe and kissed you
It was the first time I felt your tender body heat
Embarrassed and smiling
"Do you love me?"; asking that over and over isn't because of anxiety
The only thing I wanted
Was to hear that you loved me

Bye bye, thank you
I'll tell you that I've grown to love you
Bye bye, thank you for everything, darling

You cried
I wonder why
I was hung up and cried too
Even on the nights I hurt you and clumsily said "I love you"
Overflowing with kindness, you embraced me
I want to try depending on you once more
But we can't go back to how we were

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