The Green

Letra de la canción

Take a look at the pouring rain,
last time it rained for forty days
Take a look at the sun that shines
painting colors of ribbons in the sky
Take a look out your window, and take
a look at how the green grass grows
I can feel it on the inside;
I give thanks and praise to be alive

Together we can make some memories,
to help love grow and live eternally
And spread this word over both land and sea,
and help each other on this long hard journey

Ever since I was a young little boy,
all I needed was my family and toys
And learning how to count from one to ten,
I said my abc’s and do it all again
And I learned how to walk,
and I learned how to talk,
and I learned that love is what life costs
And it still amazes me when look down at a keiki,
and see all the things they learn from you and me


Show me the way, teach me the part,
help me find a way back to your mind and your heart
Keep me alive and I’ll keep you well,
share a little water from your bucket to my well.


Letra añadida por: vickyx159 (#5.178)

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