Brooke Candy

Letra de la canción

[Hook x2]
All that trouble
They known I'm carrying knives
The know they pushing
They know I'm slaying gangs
But I'mma tell you what I got though
Bitch I got them hands, bitch I got them hands, Bitch I got them hands

I got cans, I throw down, my dudes up so let's slam
Quit fronting, we ain't friends, matter of fact I got a plan
My mean mug, I'm thinking 'bout chopping them nuts
Bitch get off my dick if you ain't trying to f***

You wanna fight? Yeah I'm down!
Wanna push? I got pounds
Trying to touch this fuc*** crown
Gonna get you down on the fuc*** ground

Strappy feet I'm royalty
Bitch where is your loyalty?
Big time on me
Hit a bitch curve that'll make her bleed
Make you bleed, when you die
I don't need no alibi
Roll that weed, get real high
Smoke that purp, wave bye-bye

I'll take you straight to hell
And laugh when your ass fry
With these hands and your ride, bitch don't even try

[Hook x2]

I don't need a bat when I swing
Watch me do the damn thing
Knock the competition out
Ok I need the jam spring
Yeah Brooke she got that hook
And look my ? make a stain
Check the footwork I don't even have to stretch my hamstring

You lay down, I'm laughing
The future can I see it?
Ain't no crystal ball needed
I'm the law, let me read it
Like Miranda, your hands up
My knuckles to your gut

I'm Damien Blaise
From the group of Block
I still don't give a fu-u-u-uck

Mom told me I was born to win
If I had a dick I'd get it in
Fight bitch, get knocked up
Give no fucks I'm getting bucks
I'm crazy they sayin'
My chopper I'm spraying
Dumb bitches I'm slaying
To Satan I'm praying

I'm O.J
I'm innocent
Call me Jackie Ripper
Begging for your money back
Like a dirty stripper

I got you in the grinder
Like you some dank dro
Gon' be sleeping with the fishes
Get my destiny known

Swing these fists
Like they wrecking balls is
That's the K stand bitch
What the f*** you want?
Come in like a U-haul
Bitch you better move!
Treat you like a wishbone
Snap your ass in two

[Hook x2]

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Brooke Candy
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