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Always using the same pen
In a comfortable known shop, ordering the same thing
Listening repeatedly to the same song on the album you like
Same fragrance, always the same preferred plans
This is what you’ve decided
In this hand, just one would be good, that’s why

I’ve decide to only love you
Holding you like this, I never want to let go
How I would like for you to be mine, if only you’d said it immediately

Sooner or later you’ll find it and desired it from the heart, you seem like a kid hiding from adventure

It seems we only find points to differ
Exceed time, place, many things come and go
Even how we see things is different
It’s OK to think in unpleasant things, it enchants you because is different right?

But even so I only love you
You’ll never find two people like us
The if two people differ and take different paths
You’ll ascend to the sun and I’ll descend in the night
Each going their way, and we’ll find each other in the future right?

To a world where no one else enters
To where the heart beats?
Surely we are going to a mutual forgiving place

The person I love is still you
I don’t want to stop holding you like this
No matter how much I taste it, there’s no other shape
Is true that the incredulous love is excellent, is that the moon you saw?
A part of a couple can’t love in a lonely night
But of course, I’ll always be here for yo even if we are apart

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