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I'm not gonna let you down,
but I'm not gonna help you up.
It takes so long to turn me around,
when I think nothin' could be wrong.

And then you can't hear me,
and I can't hear you.
And then you wander downtown,
about a quarter to two.

With your head held low,
and not a thing to do.
You gotta give me some time,
with those one's and two's.

Oh, oh.

You're like a puzzle that can't be solved,
missing pieces never fill the gaps.
You got the salt and I got the wound,
but all you gotta do is ask.

And there's a glint in your eye,
and you curl your lip.
Now when you go to shut the door,
and I can't see shit.

And when you start I can't stop,
nothin' for me to grip.
And when I try to get away,
you always give me the slip.

Oh, oh.

Please ask for,
please ask for,
please ask for help. (4x)

Letra añadida por: Astral2014 (#8.186)

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