Letra de la canción's just start again (Again - again)
Death is on its way (Its way - its way)
Killers on the run, bodies in a row
Let us start again
Better start from now (now)
Let us start again, and start today

Taken - well, it takes a whole life to get to this place
All eyes raised to the sky on this glorious day
And I hear them wandering
Guide them nearer to home
I hear them wandering
Guide them nearer to home
All I see are mountains battering the lonely skyline
Our lives don't matter as we take this internal flight
Muttering, I hear them wandering
Glide them nearer to town
I hear them wandering
Glide them nearer to town

I told you so, we'd witness this day
while they, while they were stumbling,
holding on to time that's left

Want to steer nose into
Want to try deface this land
Gives me the power to get it all out of place
Been assuming far too long
Here's to this day
All the stars in a bowl
is the time to open this show
Gives me the strength to
All that now is in place
All the people known in town are now salvation bound
Aim - all is on now
Aim - salvation bound

Getting close, heading straight in line
Instant change altering the course of time
In our league, dreading what we'd say
Can you see nothing's the same again?
Innocents that you did not know
I was staying deep in a terror cell
And I lived in your nation's might,
but you claim no one was keeping sight
Within time, buildings seem so slow,
even though buildings would save our souls
Growing streets open up to me
Is there something no one need know?
Is this something no one need know? (x4)

In the final row aboard a falling place,
a man looks out into space that he once had known,
but is now replaced with a mighty hole and an army base
As his thoughts go back to his childhood days
at his family home in the States
With an English tongue and a Christian creed,
he was taught to learn and to believe
that if a man should give up his life for faith,
then he'd exist beyond this place
in the heart of God, to an angel's song
From whence he came, he must belong,
not to this world of deceit and greed
at the devil's hand who God defeats
In this evil world, through this evil land,
only the good survive God's plan
As the plane went down, hands clenched with fear
He was heard to pray, all could hear
Heads were bowed
Was there someone there?
'Cause no one is here

Letra añadida por: Astral2014 (#8.186)

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