'Never Stay' de Youth In Revolt (Love Is a Liar’s Game)

Never Stay

Youth In Revolt



Just take a second to think it over
I'm underwater sinking lower and lower
you can try to pull me out but I'll drag you in.

You're just a fuc*** tease
come and go as you please
just stay away from me.

I'm tired of this game
nothing ever remains
you're all the fuc*** same.

[Pre Chorus:]
I swear one day you'll get what you deserve.

Everything that I did was for you
but you took my heart and threw it away.
Every breath that I wasted on you
I should have known that you would never stay.

You never stay [x3]

to think we were meant to be together...

Before I let somebody else inside
I'll make sure they don't waste a second of my time.
All the lies, all the bullshit you put me through
just know that I would have given up my world for you.

I told you I would only let you down
but you refused to leave and stuck around.
I won't be there to see you hit the ground
no no no no

[Pre Chorus]


Break it down!

Come on!

[Pre Chorus]


You were so much more than just a pretty face
but you left a hole inside me that can never ever be replaced.

You never stay [x3]