Electricity - Fmlybnd

Electricity Letra



Electricity (Letra/Lyrics)

Sweet surrender.
I give all my love, I give all my life,
Just to be with the one, my delight.

Deep adoration.
I sing with all my heart and with all my might,
Just to praise the one who gave me life.

You reached into my chest
You grabbed hold of my heart
You loved it all, the rest, every single part.

Ya, your presence overtakes me and it feels like electricity.

Your love is taking control, your love is taking over.
Your love will never let me go, yes, your love...

He's faithful. He's faithful.
He's faithful. He's faithful.

Datos de Electricity

ELECTRICITY es una canción de Fmlybnd del año 2014, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Back to Life EP. Agradecemos a Astral2014 por haber sudido la letra de Electricity.