Dragon Ball

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Excuse, Kamehameha
Following the theme of Tetris
Come Dragon Ball Rap

Anyone who has not followed this series
It's got no childhood
Big Bang Attack
Attack from Planet Namek

Vegeta and Goku
rivalries Saiyan
Allargat Bastó!
And is that in Castilian Grates

Mola more in Catalan
Prefer Nubol kinton
The canvi of Lloc instantani
Seeing me bak

Son Goku, Goten, Krillin, Pan,
Trunks, Yamsha, Chaos and Tenshinhan were
Son Gohan kid I flipaba
Second level
Satan does not beat Celula
Nor Videl

Nobody could with Broly
the legendary super saiyan
ask for the power to the entire planet
was necessary to overcome pa

Genki Ball
Magic Boo carbonized
Remodeled and Freezer
I was faced sword Trunks

They lost the trial The Ozaru
Cities were smashed
through buildings

One! 2! 3! Fusion !!
The ocarina contained
to Hildegan within Tapion

The Dragon Balls
Spread throughout the world
Taking Radar and capsules
will need to head

Raditz with Goku died
Vegeta Nappa charge
Gohan had crude
with Silver Warriors

The Force was increasing
do not know how to Kilis
Vegeta stopped by Bavidi controlled ...

Cor Petit and Krillin
They became Stone
by Dabra and the great saiyan-man rebels

Fight against terrorists in the city
Dragon Ball Rap
Per my Bola de Drac

Are always welcome
time at room
Where a real day
there is a training year

Androids emerged
the Dr.Gero
in tournaments almost always
First Goku remained

In Heaven is Leverage
always Yajirobai
By grace I see Directions
on a log at Tao

Turles and fruit power
Garlic, Junior
became larger
at one time f***

Magic Beans ??
Monjetas Magical ...

Kaio Shin, Vegetto
The result of Pothara

With the help of Paikun
Fusion of Goku and Vegeta
Janemba could not be compared
When power Gojeta

Gotrunks in Third
was a vacilón
If somebody lost his life
He was revived by Sheron

Oolong, Bulma, Pooar, Dende
Everything on paper
maximum power
He stayed on the fourth level

Special Forces ??
Ginyu Body Change
Dodoria, Zarbon, Recoom
They ended up dead

Cooler, Baby
Dragons of each star
Bardok made possible
defend your planet

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
It's Art
Dragon Ball GT
Whatever it is YOU PART !!!
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Letra añadida por: gogetto ssj4

Dragon Ball
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