Just wanted to fly, beside you feel immortal
Just wanted your shellfish me, your warmth was a tough opponent
And it broke my wings crystal

Time is the best medicine and also the hurts most
And no time is there to serve you having me at your feet
For me today, my then lost the war with your yesterday
It was so cold blood I lost

I love to imagine when all is elementary
I love to think that I am enough, but I need a lot of material
To me you if you were special

Road to forget accelerate dejandome ago
Low speed, I'm there behind
Or because you said there is nothing to fear
When my today, apparently did not have the strength of your yesterday
Say you have no power, you're afraid of breaking rules
You say I'm not at the level that I have a life of paper
And worse your coolness no rough

Just wanted to fly around you feel immortal
Just wanted your shellfish me, your obstacles were more
Total que mas da


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Letra añadida por:
Camila Tuck

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