Kerry Ellis

Letra de la canción

As long as he needs me
Oh, yes, he does need me.
In spite of what you see,
I'm sure that he needs me.

Who else would love him still?
When they've been used so ill?
He knows I always will;
As long as he needs me.

I miss him so much when he is gone,
But when he's near me
I don't let on

The way I feel inside.
The love, I have to hide.
The hell! I've got my pride;
As long as he needs me.

He doesn't say the things he should.
He acts the way he thinks he should.
But all the same, I'll play this game his way.

As long as life is long;
I'll love him right or wrong.
And somehow, I'll be strong,
As long as he needs me.

I won't betray his trust;
Though people say I must.
I've got to stay true, just
As long as he needs me.

Letra añadida por: ApoloD (#587)

Kerry Ellis
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