Leaves' Eyes

I knew so well those eyes
I know so well what they won't tell
Freeze in the window light
You've been too long away

I left you heartsick in the morning just to come again at dark
Scattered poems on the floor is all I left behind

This fading earth
This heavy dark-blue sky around me
Im laying the night awake forsaken and mistaker

Against my life I hold this silver blade in my hand
Who am I to thinl you'll wait for me on the other side

My paradise was never here
This hopeless fight amongst the living
I fear that age and death someday brings you to decay

Coloured with the death of man
A hundred years of wait and drain
Sick with hatred sick with pain
Your patience is wearing thin

Why try to be patient with life
Once so promising but yet so vulnerable

This fading earth on the other side
I pray you'll wait for me on the other side
fuente: musica.com

Leaves' Eyes

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