Leaves' Eyes

Letra de la canción

Han ha' har som silkitrad
Auga bla som hau
Den dagen gloymer eg allri
Eg ut af uindanga sag deg der sta
Eg gloymer allri deg
Eg gloymer allri deg

Tempt the winds
Break the waves

That ravished place
Mysterious maze
Lone sands swallow men
Traces annihilated

Nothing in my hands can break this stony ground
This blackness of the days
Imprints in me a disillusion

Bless the men with silver
Bless them with the rays of sun
Goddess of the desert
Sway your veils for pagan men

From the north to lone sands

Mighty rivers driving
Tempting reverie

He's gone and away
No need to unsay
Far-off oceans swallow men
Longboats annihilated

Nothing underneath my feet until turn to fertile soil
This coldness of the nights bewitched me with a disillusion
Love to see marvel Dancing eerily
We set sail to lone sands
To the lone sands
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Emily_N.Bloodletter

Leaves' Eyes
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