Colors - Headhunterz

Colors Letra

Headhunterz (ft. Tatu)


Colors (Letra/Lyrics)

You'll see colors (3x)

This is Hardstyle

You'll see colors (4x)

When you find that life is neither black or white
And the rain outside turns to glory
You'll see colors...
Colors (8x)

When you mark the sky and the sun comes through
Know your greatest days are ahead of you
You'll see colors...
Colors (8x)

A spark of light will seize the night
And reach beyond your vivid mind
There's an end to your darkest day
You'll see colors

A race of shame if we don't evolve
Paint your dreams
Fill the sky with art
And ignite with the others
When we see colors

You'll see colors (4x)

Datos de Colors

COLORS es una canción de Headhunterz y Tatu. Agradecemos a franki_dpv por haber sudido la letra de Colors.