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FREAK OF NATURE es una canción de Anastacia que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Freak of Nature.


'Freak Of Nature'

I'm a freak

Excuse me
What you said to me?
Oh no you said that
No I'm not
I'm sorry but, you know
I ain't that kind of girl

Look at me and see a little girl inside my skin
It's a supernatural
So don't be trying to push upon me baby
My momma told me better than that
The bigger you are
The harder you fall

I'm a bobby original
Not typical
Not ooh la la baby
You can hold me responsible
It's chemical
If you're bringin' it out in me

Ah ah ah
I'm a freak of nature
You better be aware, danger
Ah ah ah
I'm you're midnight angel
I'm a freak
Come on yeah
I'm a freak of nature

I'm a little material, got bling bling
My glasses got a shade
But does it hit me
It chicken me
That barefoot walking in the grass
Just cause I like sipping on champagne
Doesn't mean that I'm afraid of the rain

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