Canción 'Collide' del disco 'If I Left the Zoo' interpretada por Jars Of Clay

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Jars Of Clay

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COLLIDE es una canción de Jars Of Clay que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco If I Left the Zoo.



Open up your box of sunshine
And smile as confetti comes raining down on you
You feel a lot like the good guy but do you know why
Everything's so blue

Well love is fire and the coals are barely burning
Cold fills the emptiness that fills this empty place
I taught you the walk but then you ran away from me
And that's not how it's supposed to be

I I collide with love as an elusive state of mind
I know there's something else it's supposed to be
I, I collide with love as an elusive state of mind
Something's killing me!

Tearful confessions have watered down and broken down
The chance for unrequited love to finally reach its wall
You're waiting for the axe to fall
Can't you see it lying on the ground?

You could be the best one at cleaning up this mess
Be the best one, be the best one, be the best one