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Put Em Up Letra

Chyste Mc


Put Em Up (Letra/Lyrics)

A whole new breed. We attack the track with speed
Explosive...entertaining like action scenes,
reaction brings chants from the crowd it seems
like they love the music and support our dreams

We doing it for the right reason.
What's with the industry letting all of these fleas in. Spreading throughout the region.
That shit is poison, who let the toys in.
These amateur rappers bringing all of their boys in

I rhyme with purpose lay the verses
over drums that shake like earthquakes on earth's surface
I'm an emcee who is clever with words.
My instrumentals are thick like a women with curves.

I built with the best from US to Chile
We banging out music that you put on replay
My main focus is to do the track justice
No time for negatives I'm surrounded by pluses bustas!

It's that OG flavor
Phony cats I do it better than you.
Put Em up, get em high
Put Em up, get em high, Put Em up, get em high, high, high, high.

I am back to the same place
veo reales y fake faces, pero a pesar del mal debes reír.
Hey! Hey! El rey del cielo me enseño a tener fe,
en mí y la gente que me quiere.

Volví a soñar con mi Jessica Alba,
¿con tu Rap? Nah!.. Que ni de estética salva.
Está bien de que pidas plata, aunque no sé si las valgas.
¿Quieres métrica exacta?, el Techy las canta.

Si el peso de la envidia me cagara la espalda,
tu palabra analgésica calma.
Hey, mentir y mentir te quita el alma, la mancha.
Reinvertí en vida sana.

Te empapo de esta voz,
esta noche, el capo está con Hexsagon.
Y si destaco en algo, es hardcore de “La Flo*”
que hago pensando en cuanto te está orientando

Datos de Put Em Up

PUT EM UP es una canción de Chyste Mc. Agradecemos a Glow.- por haber sudido la letra de Put Em Up.