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MANIA es una canción de The Weeknd.



The title, "Mania", appears in bold, red capital letters.

[1: "All I Know" Scene]
Murphy the panther is in the center of an arena-like area.
A white light is flashing to the beat of the song.
Murphy glares up as saliva dribbles from his mouth.

[2: "Sidewalks" Scene]
Abel is seen riding in his McLaren P1, singing along to the song.
There is a slow motion clip of Murphy running.
Abel continues singing along to "Sidewalks" in his expensive vehicle.
Cut to a view of a mountain in the distance.

[3: "Secrets" Scene]
There is ambience in the background.
Abel, wearing a blue baseball cap, gets out of his P1.
He walks into the nightclub. "Secrets" begins to play and Abel sings along.
Everybody in the club is dancing.
There is a young woman dancing seductively
in the middle and Abel has his eye on her.

[4: "Die For You" Scene]
Under a fading blue light,
Abel and the woman from the previous scene
are becoming extremely close and dancing
slowly and romantically with one another.
A man is watching them from a distance with jealousy.
The music fades and Abel is seen
in the bathroom using water to make sure
his hair looks perfect for his newly found woman of interest.
The jealous man walks up to
him from behind as he washes his face in the sink.
He then lunges for Abel with his knife
and blood spurts everywhere. The music stops and Murphy roars.

[5: "Party Monster" Scene]
Abel is covered in blood.
The man is lay dead on the floor, still bleeding.
The woman from earlier is stood above his body in an all-black outfit,
she presumably saved Abel from being knifed.
The scene cuts to the nightclub and Abel,
who still has a trail of blood on the side of his face,
is dancing with his woman and mouthing along the lyrics
to the song as it plays in the background.
Cut to flashing blue lights.

Sobre Mania

  • "M A N I A" es una pieza/película visual creada por The Weeknd junto con su nuevo álbum "Starboy", publicado en YouTube el 23 de noviembre de 2016. La película fue dirigida por Grant Singer, quien ha dirigido muchos de los videos musicales de The Weeknd.

    Abel se burló de las imágenes de su perfil de Instagram el 22 de noviembre de 2016. El teaser incluye las canciones de Abel, "Party Monster" y "I Feel It Coming", así como avances de "All I Know", "Sidewalks", "Secrets" y "Die For You".

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  • The Weeknd está en la posición 182 del ranking de esta semana, su mejor puesto ha sido el 65º en enero de 2016.

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