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Come Baby Come - Letra


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'Come Baby Come' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Swing Batta Swing.


Come baby comek7 1 - da ding da ding da ding, da da ding ding(rpt 1)...yeah, bounce, come on bounce (2x)someone's always in control, you know what i'm sayini slam the door - boom!when i come into the bedroom wham! bam!'cause i'm the king of the castlena na na turn me on turn me loosecome on, come on try to hit it, it's a hasslecome get some of this 'cause we got the innuendoplay me like nintendo, never ever let go (no!)keep it so loud you hit 'em the crescendodo ra mi fa so la ti do2 - come baby come baby baby come come (2x) when you gotta give me lovin' then you gotta give me some (you gotta give me lovin' and you gotta give me some) (rpt all)(are you tired?give me love)well, i can hear the ring ring ringthe telephone goes ringhello, hello, but we're still gettin busypum pump pump - hua!now your gettin' busyi can slow it down so you can pump it (pump it)better move it fast so you can thump it (thump it)two balls and a bat, a pitcher wears a hatslidin' into home base, trying to hit a home run, (hua!)swing batta' batta' batta' batta' batta' swing!(rpt 2)break it down, break it down, come onbounce! move it all around, move it all around bounce!pump it up and down (2x) bounce!move it all around, move it all around bounce!tell me do you like it? yeah, yeahdo you want a little more? yeah, yeahnow tell me do you love it? yeah, yeah3 - come on! do do you love me? ha! i can feel it hua baby baby, come on, ha baby baby, let it go hua baby baby, come on, ha baby baby, give it to me ha baby come on, ha baby, give it to me ha! straight up, now tell megive me love(rpt 1, 2, 3, 2, 2)all together now(rpt 3) (3x)

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