Canción 'Come In Number 21' del disco 'Up to Our Hips' interpretada por The Charlatans

Come In Number 21 Letra y Canción

The Charlatans

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COME IN NUMBER 21 es una canción de The Charlatans del año 1994, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Up to Our Hips.


'Come In Number 21'

I keep no money in holes in the country
you were no brother of mine.
and i've heard for ages,
that you're in the good books
you are no brother of mine.
I don't remember the last time i saw you,
you were to off(up) for the time
and i'll keep on coming
and you keep on running
the future is nothing it's mine
Keep it together for now and forever,
i know your university
and you and whose army,
i can't see it workin'
your future is nothing it's mine
I wish i could drive,
settle to rewrite
you've found a place in heaven,
you're a liar so go