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DJ Khaled

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2LEAFCLOVERS es una canción de DJ Khaled.



It's stupid, I'm sick of being used but I'm used to it
Blues Clues Steve said to see how far the music gets
Perhaps it'd be easy if my problems weren't all cumulus
Fuc*** heaps and piles, evil smiles, dragon doo-doo piss
RIP Nujabes, keeping me from doing this
Going back in time and aborting my own uterus
Doom, it's cumulative, depression keeps on escalating
And it's been this way since the seventh grade and I'm estimating
It all started back when I wrote retarded raps
For this flat chick, showed her friends, had a hearty laugh
Fatass shoved inside the school lockers
No retaliation, all he had was Sock'em Boppers
But no stoppers, a tired-ass insomniac
F*** algorithms, logarithms, can't lollygag
Dittos, Porygons, and Copycats
Bitch, I'm the hottest and the flyest like a Firebird Pontiac
Take what they're calling swag, raped in a bodybag
Tell your daughter I flow like the water of a Poliwag
Poliwrath evolved, four years later
Events that I hate to recall, my course steers greater
Imprisoned in a free fall, a shooter with no respawn
Songs pronged on paper with no purpose for a record
Egod, the beacon's a decoy for retards
So begone and be smart next time you're watching Meatwad
And wasting all your time on cartoons
The Grinch stole Christmas, never did his heart grew
R2D2ing on the moon and pursuing the newest movement of life
Abusing humans alike, yeah you could use some advice
People suck ass so cut back from trust acts
F*** that, do consume the pubics from my nutsack
In mudbaths, bitches like Angelica from Rugrats
Selfish, telling me where the hell and well I should bust at
My luck lacks, over these clovers are always two-leaf
Ooh jeez please, keep sending treats to confuse me
I'm woozy, I ain't got no time for sentimentals
Section.80 HiiiPower, yeah my life's an instrumental
It's my essential, Jungle Books' bare necessities
The recipe for toxic remedies, I'm the best MC
From ECU to West NC, not to be pretentious, see
One day you'll be seeing flyers in Hindi and Lebanese
Please don't perceive me as being cocky
Just been through so much shit, I don't think anything can stop me

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