DJ Khaled

Kobe or Ginobili (Remix)

DJ Khaled


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Mack Maine
102 Baby
Ace Hood
This the remix!
Rick Ross!
Mackey Ray Cyrus
Busta Rhymes
Tell Miley Holla at Me

Throw it back like it don't fit or like you owe me
If you bout that life then baby girl show me
Bitch I ball hard like Kobe or Ginobili
Bitch I ball hard like Kobe or Ginobili

No what's the difference between a real fan and a fake groupie?
A real fan will let you skeet on her fake boobies
I don't discriminate, now let me squeeze that fake booty
Tryna see you pop that thang like a baby uzi
Now back that ass up, I'm feelin like Judy
Ima run through that pussy and Tune gon skate through it
Excuse my french, but I know I'm the shit
Every bitch I done fuc*** can suck my dick
These hoes is like mosquitos: Sucking dick and licking nuts
Calling my phone from will call to pick tickets up
Why you bitchin and willin, I'm on fisherman's island
Setting it off which Queen Latifah kissin Madonna
I don't need no subpoena, but come and serve me baby
I know you listenin, but Ima still ask if ya heard me baby
Now peep this, G shit, Rich Gang, Remix
Your bitch wavin so much we get sea sick
(Ya Heard me)

Throw it back like it don't feel it like you owe me
Bitch I ball hard like Kobe or Ginobili
Ain't a game baby girl it ain't Shinobi
If you bout that life and baby girl show me

Uh, slidin for my wody
Man down bang a pistol if you know me
Stand down this little nigga think he Spodee
Your third round you're in the presence of a Kobe
Rolly, and I'm stuntin like a stole it
Holy, your favorite rapper wanna hold it
Facts! So you know a nigga spoke it
Stacks! Got these True Religions pokin
Wody! Time to go to war then
Ridin! With my Rolls from New Orleans
Swinging nine prayed to the lord and
I'm getting mine, pray you gettin yours then

Tell shawty pop that pussy like a soda can
I like my pussy pinker than a summer tan
This rolly here? Hmm bout a hundred grand
Keep it cool, got them shooters in that blue Sedan
Hacked up. You might catch a movie role
I murk a nigga then write a verse in the studio
Ya, I still be ballin like a motha fucka
And money called bitch I play the road runner
(Uh) I'm talkin Kobe and Ginobili
Low life 50 thousand that's the old me
Cheap on 28s I'm in the nose bleed
Pull up the got the shark face emoji
Ya motha fuc*** where my manners at?
Ima take your bitch, every time you call she never answer back
Prolly ridin this dick
When I'm done I pass to my clique
We send her home when she finished this
And you the same nigga she kissed (yuck)

Me and Mack like Duncan and Ginobili
Mix some purple with the yellow call me Kobe
Lemme touch it, gon and buss it open for me
And gon and flip it back, throw it back like you owe me
And I don't care if you was here way before me
Crunch time get respect you gotta show me
Dun Dada top shotta, ten commas
Top dollas, 8 bitches, got high mileage
I be stuntin on them hoes like Bird and Wayne
Bloody red moose thats worth a gain
Presidential rolly, presidential suite nigga
Cash money coke boys realest in the street nigga

Bitch I ball like Kobe or Ginobili
What the f*** every championship ring belong to me
I don't know if I'll ever die. You know God look over me
Fuc*** bitches to the point I hurt their ovaries (Damn!)
I get this bread all of the planet, globally
And you'll respect your only commandment, locally
Baggin bitches like shopping down at the grocery (Get it!)
My niggas busta ya head while I deal with diplomacy
Hopefully you turn out to be what you're possed to be
End up sounding like something sweeter than poetry
And make your broad twerk it twerk it, watch her pose for me
And get back to throwing this money, hold my coat for me

Mack Maine!

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