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I Did It For My Dawgz - Letra

DJ Khaled

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'I Did It For My Dawgz' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Kiss the Ring.


I did it for my dawgs (I did it for my dawgs) x8
Oh Lord!

Hundred in the mula got more diamonds than a jeweler
Top down on the car, might be riding with a shooter
Nigga down to do ya, I ain't fuc*** with a curl bar
Nickel plated ruger have you in a box on Worldstar
Duck ni***, duck ni***, duck ni***, duck ni***
Where I'm from you're called a f*** ni***
Pistol in the freezer, spend a kilo on the visa
Courtside sportscenter, I can make you a believer
Everybody going broke, keep it real, you gotta fight it
Hundred kilo's in the beemer, boy don't make me get excited
Couple milli on the neck like I'm tryna get indicted
Got a mansion, got a yacht, bad bitch and a tiger
Real niggas, taking over televisions
Dope boys riding in a new set of benzes
Hot boy, Young boy, still on fire
What's a death sentence cause we all gotta die

Sittin' on them M's, mad shit is gettin realer
Ricky's diesel got my hood looking like it's Thriller
Buying all these foreigns I be in and out the dealer
Just to let my niggas hold on when they rollin, it could kill ?em
And these suckas, I don't feel ?em
I don't even see ?em
I'mma die fly, Rest in Peace Aaliyah
Half my dawgs dead, the rest of them is here
If all your jewels fake, how the f*** we gon believe ya
Said I did it for my dawgs, did it for my dawgs
Everybody ridin' till you sit ?em in the morgue
Started with a Bonne now I'm sittin' in a Porsche
With the shooters right behind me
Shit, you looking at a boss
Rose gold rolie on my wrist, flawless
Hundred bottles send ?em to the vip, ballin'
Basketball leather in the Benz, Spalding
Ya'll niggas talking, f*** is yall retarded?

I did it for my dawgs
Did it for them niggas with a vision like a boss
Did it for them niggas in the kitchen with the salt
Now I'm in that white thing, 500 horses for my niggas in the coffin
Got price on my head, I'm in a drop top 'rari
Staring at the ceiling when I wake up in the morning
My dawg doing life, try to see him ?fore he hit the coffin'
Play with my paper, run up in your offices
It's the '012 Ice Cube ni*** with the Raider hat
A maniac ni***, where the paper at
Highway to life, need a hundred mill exit
50 on the wrist, hundred on the necklace

[Verse 4: Ace Hood]
Ok I did it for them niggas who they lockin' in them jail cells
Go to court they under oath they never tattle tale
Tired of countin money bitch I went and bought a scale
Homie caught a case I put a quarter on the bail
Look my brothers keeper, sleeping with the reaper
Rims on the jeep sittin higher than Khalifa
Its that black boy sleeves tatted, dreadlocks, f*** cops
Ridin with the burner turn your shirt into a tank top
20 chains on you would think im in a headlock
Everything foreign like I grew up on a spain block
Nigga, what the f*** you talkin bout
Broward county ni*** did it for the whole block

Yo, watch who you drinking with
Watch who you smoking with
1.7 in my safe when I open it (cash)
If I put 7 in ya face, will I open it
And I know tomorrow ain't promised but I hope it is
Love to get acquanted with you
Stay and tear the jail up
Did it for my dawgs so I had to put the bails up
Get them thangs off so I haven't put the scales up
Treat you like a pit, get ya ears and ya tail cut
Choppas still hot, you can hold it for yourself
Versace, same buckle on the loafers and the belt
Yeh the pills is flying but the smokers is something else
If the spot catch fire, the coke will just really melt
The dough got ?em bringing in the broads
Obvious the flow got ?em screaming for the lord
If there's money on ya head what you think is the reward?
I ain't do it for myself, you know who I did it for?


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