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Intro : Yeah This Is the how I live

Verse 1 : Im So Cold I can't judge nothing I never seen coldest rapper never something I never ben I built my one bones started from the bottom made my own loans she called every night a 6:00 PM I was like Hello She Was like whats up well I wasn't really on nothing im just pouring a cup she said she was gonna late home not cause of work she had to see her X im like
What the f*** that really suck I work so hard for you to treat me like this u too independent to need me like this my good love oh my love you love it like it is I'm like why gotta be all that girls kissing on the table why I gotta see all that Tequila and that Vodka girl I need all that all that cold blooded violence girl
I don't feed all that that money and that power means something even though our love was built from powder I'll
Be outside while she in the shower Ok

Hook : Im like ain't no girl like the one I got im like I Won Man
Lord I Won this Bugautti You still looking fo the gold check the section of illuminati

Verse 2 : All I need is you right here next to me you can't get him to get the best of me I'm fighting for everything tam lains
And a glass of champagne but you're missing you escaped from
My heart I knew this would be coming the start . I wait for you to come thru and life without you is like a washer without a dryer her aggressive ways still I can't denie her she my life
She my love im alone im just thinking about giving you a hug
But I feel like you're not focused on me enough Wouldn't make
Since to say you and us

Hook : Im like ain't no girl like the one I got im like I won man
Lord I won this Bugautti still looking for the gold check in the section of illuminati

Verse 3 : I just check yo face she push away I give her space
Then you mad when I say its over due I just do what im pose to do,but you you you you went out like it wasn't a clue what made me mad when it wasn't you you you


Outro : Still I love you

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