Rick Ross

Gordo - Letra

Rick Ross (ft. Carnage, Araabmuzik)

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[Rick Ross:]
Biggest in the Game
Biggest at the dinner
Rozay and Carnage
Fat boys in the building
Fat boys at the Back

Bounce in the buckles
Belly's a bubble
But the way I'm a f*** you
She gon' tell me I love you
These niggas keep testing
Just a new hole in the desert
I'm texting my reverend
Please recite Psalms twenty-seven
If you seen how I'm living
You would think I was a villain

Got my niggas deported guilty for making a killing
Keep your hands off the cage boy
I'm the one to put you on the front page boy
Don't see none of these niggas
Rozay's repertoire
Professions of a hustler
I pray I see tomorrow
Duffle bags heavy got me on this Ross fit
Never catch me slipping cause I keep my marksmen

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