Jesse McCartney


Under the silver stars,
Right where he broke your heart.
Girl you know, I'd give you everything.
I want to hold your hand,
And say the words he never said.
I'll make you promises you can believe.

Let me be the one,
Telling you it's alright
Sharing the smiles and tears you cry.
Let me be the one,
Loving you when you're weak.
For all of the strength you need,
You can come to me.

When you're down and you feel so lonely
Turn around, you can come to me
When you're down baby, I will be the only
Come to me

You can just be yourself,
'Cause I don't want nobody else.
All of your secrets are safe with me.
For the kind of love you can trust,
For more than just a crush,
Baby, won't you just come to me?


When I got you in my arms
Say it's where you want to be (where you want to be, yeah)
'Cause girl I'm down on my knees
Promising my heart oh, my heart

[Chorus: x2]

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