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I told her baby you can spend the night
That's when she dropped her shit and said I ain't gotta tell her twice,
Well alright, you gon' be better by the end of the night
"Well alright", is what she said and then she hit the pipe...
Or spoke in to the mic...
Or what else can I say my nigga she got my soldiers hype
Got me wanna record this shit, somebody call hype...
Cover girl, centerfold, that be the youngin' type
And we can go all night

Baby if you come home with me tonight
It's gone be the best one you had
Know you had a lot a wrongs, I can be the right
And I can show you if you give me a chance...
Baby you gone fall in love (love)
By the end of the night (by the end of the night)
Baby you gone fall in love (love)
By the end of the night (by the end of the night)
I'mma do you right girl...

And as I slowly start to take 'em down
She already wet and already making sounds (Whew)
Now I can't wait to get all in it
Bout to give it to this chick like she ain't, had it in minutes
For a few minutes...
Maybe even an hour
From the beds to the showers to going down like picking flowers...
Roses, tulips... turned to 4 lips
From the ones that's on her face to kissing the lips beneath her hips
Now it's time to get down and dirty
Just don't bite though
And yeah I got protection
Gloved up like Micheal
Now that I'm strapped, let's get it poppin' like a riffle
And you can get on top , i'll let you ride this fucking psycho
Bull, maniaco. now we sippin' peno, gresio, fine wine, that's for our fine time...
And baby girl this your world (ha)
Just kinda mine
But right now, it's based on your time

Fatal attraction
Ready for action...
She had a body like Ms Jackson...
And I knew that it was trouble when she passed by...
But she was so fly...


Letra añadida por: Azzrael (#22)

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