I'm in that stolen '96 Honda Accord, the feds on my ass
Hit the curb, lost the wheel and I crashed
I'd be fucked if I tried to blow it on foot
Started that bitch back up, reversed a bit
Hit the gas, and I booked
Strip hot, like that coke on the stove
My bumper scraping the road
20 years, nothing less, on parole
I'll be damned if I get them people them years
Rather just pull a gun out the glove and put one in my ear
F*** the bullshit, but I ain't going out like no sucker
Take one of these fuckers with me, that's word to my mother
Sent a federale to they grave, 'fore I let him try to cuff me
And just cage me like a slave, yeah fucking right
But fuck I look sitting writing them fucking kites
Arms in my sleeves because they get cold as fucking night
Waiting for a court date, rather be having foreplay
At the Marriott for a sure shake
With a Palestinian joint, and she snort yay
Acting like you ain't did a bump, that's what they all say
But that's neither here nor there
If you feel me put your bangers in the air one time, nigga

The name getting heavy in the streets
Everybody on a young nigga beef, it's all good
I'm still on the stoop with plate
With my niggas in the hood eating great, we all hood

The last few months been ridiculous
I'm on a diner with some J's I got from Chuck Inglish
With my dopeman attire, get me by the hour
Fresher than your boyfriend and I ain't even shower
So I been trapping like I ain't did 4 shows the last 3 weeks
F*** hitting the beach, I gotta stop on beat street
Bumping Fergie Ferg, Persian Wine on repeat
Young Trap Lord, bitch salute me when you see me
Pray to your nigga, stay to your nigga
Take me out to eat and just pay for your nigga
If them niggas hating, pull that K for your nigga
Police pull us over, hold that gate for your nigga
Only fuck with real bitches, put 'em on some knowledge
Get up in her head now she wanna leave her college
Devil in a new dress, a new pair of prada's
And I don't fuck with bitches with no chipped nail polish

[Hook x2]


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