All Night (Remix)

All Night (Remix)


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We can do this all night
We can do this all night
Yeah everything is allright
We can do this all night

We always dreamed about this better life, this better life
We always felt it coming all along, yeah all along
We got the keys to welcome Paradise, yeah, Paradise
Now let's go walking hand in hand
Come on baby we can

Hit the lights
Make the wrongs turn right
We can smash that club
Make the pop go rock
We're the life this deep
We don't need no sleep
And it feels like, we could do this all night
We can do this all night

Oh we can dance under the summer skies, the summer skies
The seasons change, our hearts will stay the same, yeah stay the same
We got the dirty feelings, start a fire, start a fire
Give it a shout let's make it hot
Come on baby we can


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