'Fore we was anything
'Fore you could see us
Before we was electric
Well, that was Prius
Before we ever dreamt it, hell
There's nothing to dream up
Cause, let's be honest
You'd never think that this could be us

Now watch me shakin' hands
On the carpet, in demand
Slidin' hard right
Like you're seeing me on Tinder
And I'm wild for the night
Got no plans on getting free
You were Instagram-ing you
Now you Instragram-ing me

See me walk up in the room
I'm the same motherfucka, what up
And if you're talkin' to the crew
Better know you ain't fuckin' wit us
Did it all on our own
They kept telling us no
But now they open up the doors wherever we go
And now we walk up in the room and they say motherfuckers what up?

I sing a pop song, I rap a rock song
I sing a-club-banging, make-them-panties-drop song
I'm show time, I keep it poppin' like some popcorn
Now watch me getting money like a motherfuckin' dot com
This just how you know
When you see me in your city
It's like everywhere I go, everybody fucking wit me
Yes, I'm on top of my game, they all chanting my name
But I told you if you know me, then you know I never change

It's like I'm still a kid in the back of the Ford Taurus
Waving at some drivers while they scream their favorite choruses
Now fast forward, my song flashes across the dashboard
Is this the life I asked for?
Well fuck it man of course it is
I just needed a mic and a stage I could play on
This life's my playground, I'm Harold with a crayon
Now how'd I draw it so cold, no shrinkage
No size limit on greatness, Dinklage
Only getting better bruh, when I dominate like Federer
But if you don't like my lyrics, send a letter to the editor
His address is "fuck you", street name is "deal wit it"
Make sure you tramp stamp it so I know I still get it
Am I a sellout? ?Cause every show I sell out
I hang around with fans 'til they tell me to get the hell out
Middle finger to the haters, tell 'em shut up
So if you feel that let me hear you say what up!



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