Letra de la canción

I'll be right here
Scotched up
So let me stay
Yeah, another path I need to clear off
Yeah, another road I seem to veer off
Uh, every wheel I seem to steer off
Looking at this clear I only need to fear off
And pops said, "90% of life is showing up"
But 100% of mine is blowing up
And if I can't tell you that way
Well, maybe you should just stay away
Cause baby if you're looking for a reason to stay
Then, you should prolly just go and throw those reasons away
Cause I got what I got and if you don't feel that
Well you gone and I get that
Uh, well that's the road too
And I show you, I show you
That ain't the reason I try
But that's where I go to, I go to

(That's around and around and around and around we go, uh
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know
Not really sure how I feel about it something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can't live without you
And it takes me all the way I want you to stay
Just stay, stay) Chorus

Every time a door goes and closes up
I find another one opens up, yeah
And that's where I'm walking in
Talkin' on a different beat
Cause you know I'm stalkin'
I'm a little cocky when I get on
But a little gon' flow right
When I don't write these songs
I just flip it off the brain
But do I need to explain?
Cause every time I go rap
I'm runnin' this shit again, yeah
They say my shoe fly
Bitch, don't bother me
I'm on the bottom, bitch
But don't know if you on top of me
And telling you that you got that
And knowing when I drop that
It's Heaven when I need that
Cause you know that I got you
And that ain't what you like
Go way
Baby, I don't want you to stay
But when I don't want you
You want me more
And I want this game
And, baby, I'm sure

(Chorus) (Like around)

Uh, went from putting drums at half time
To hearing drums at half time
And if you want the last line
This rappin' in my pass time
And I could go it
Rappin' for you hotter
Over anyone rappin' on Rihanna
And telling you that
I'm making it here
Cause you got the top
But, damn, it looks clear from up here
And they, I'm holding you down and if you wanna spin it
I'll take you around and round

(Chorus) (Round and around)

Baby, just stay...


Letra añadida por: ChamLee (#63)

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