Canción 'I Feel Your Trace' del disco 'Blind Camera' interpretada por Zeraphine

I Feel Your Trace Letra


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I FEEL YOUR TRACE es una canción de Zeraphine del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Blind Camera.

Letra 'I Feel Your Trace'

An endless path lies up ahead as I try to walk
Upon a ridge where I might fall at any time
Where is your hand to keep me safe to reduce the emptiness
I wonder why it lures me in

I feel your trace but I can't turn your distance round again
How did you ever get so far away

With every step you hide your scent so where should I seek?
I know you left your heart behind too far to speak
Now there's no rest as it calls me and I see a sign of life
The burning trail reflects in your eyes

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