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3, 2, 1 You'll hear the sound of my gun
Ready, set, go when we're already done
Coke, bud, xans I'm just chillin with the fam
Throw up like a bitch and I'll toss you in the ditch
Bodies, hotties, thotties, yo
We get fuc*** up right before we even start the show
I'm spitting these bars but I also take them in
You say you got killers but I know you ain't got shit
Pull up with the 45 and see you start to cry
But I don't show no mercy yo, your bitch ass bout to die
25 sticks and I put 'em in the zip
Someone try to rob me and you know I f*** their shit

Pocket Fox, no I don't f*** with rocks
Put a knife to his throat, making sure he never talks
No Glocks but I'm still taking stocks
Me and my crew creepin low cause we don't f*** with cops
Me and Noah with them 4's, cracking heads
Faded with Finn, fuc*** walking like I'm dead
Playing Zed, smoking on my death bed red
When he see my knife man I bet that bastard fled
Fools gold in my teeth
Flirt as the reaper
Thinking that I'm tough but my enemies are weaker
Blunts are shorter than firebird
You might have heard
My wound inflicting words
Were quite absurd when I occurred
Cruise slow and my vision's blurred
Open my third eye to the sky and my skill returned
You fuc*** nerd

Word bro
Just let me re-emerge real quick
Grimm out here in Jersey so we'll take a car trip
No tip for a plug man, he late with my reggie
Grindings in my blunt, nobody's ever ready
For the high that I will provide
I never coincide with a dime
If I roll a wood that shit will make you fly
Don't care if you believe me, mane
I never tell a lie
The f*** out my space, I don't wanna see you cry
Night black like a crow
Kick back, smoke a bowl
What's that, I don't know
Lines like H2O
All they know is how to flow

See me on my grind while I'm spitting hella rhymes
These kids hit me up and I give 'em stife dimes
Bitching and moaning, and all I say is bye
They come back for more cause that shit is hella fire
Ask me where I get it and I say it's from that shire
Falco, I main
That guy is insane
Taking blunts to the brain, got no shame
It's Grimm on the track and you know I'm always strapped
Syth on my back and you're bouta get wacked
Still getting pleasure as I watch your eyes dim
F*** with my crew, I'll take you out on a whim
If you think you'll take me you will never win