Kid Rock

'Sugar' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Rock n Roll Jesus.


Hard to remember if anything is real
Cold like December, and I don't like how that feels
I been living a long time, I've been giving a long time too
And I can't believe I wasted so much time on you
But time has brought me back around
Back around to me, and I feel so free

Now who's going to give me some sugar tonight?!
Sugar tonight!! Sugar tonight!!

Bad like Brutis, hit like Joe Louis
I got lots of cash but I'm not Jewish
I'm not no nudist, I'm fully clothed
And I'll f*** hot pu*** until its cold
Got rhymes of gold, got a voice of plantium
I'm not Dwayne Wayne, but that's 'What's Happening'
I'm 'Back in Black', and if you have to ass
You can kiss my Anglo-Saxon ass!

Hot like a toti, smooth like Mondovi
Around the way, they call me Bathroom Bobby
Sugar is my hobby and my greatest joy
And that's why they call me ("Cowboy!")
No jive, I 'Come Alive' like Frampton
I'm bigger than Seinfeld's house in the Hamptons
Cramp my style, go head and give it your best
But I am not ("met a motherfuc*** who can do that yet" -- LL Cool J)

Now who's going to give me some sugar tonight?!
Whoo, whoo!! Whoo, whoo!!

They call me Shotgun Bobby, rock the young hotties
Jock the John Gottis, sock the paparazzi
Real-life Fonzie, I roll like yahtzee
I like stars and bars but I ain't no Nazi
So f*** you, f*** you in the nose
F*** you and your clothes, f*** you and your hoes
F*** you and your mother if you can't understand it
I'm the illest motherfuc*** on the God damn planet!

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