Danny Noriega (Adore Delano)

Letra de la canción

Walking, sadly through the park
I hear, crying in the darkness
And though I act like I cannot hear
The situation is very clear
A girl who's trying to tell her guy
The time has come that they say goodbye

And his answer tears my heart apart

Give me tonight
Then if you don't wanna stay
Girl I'll just forget you
You'll see I'm right
You won't get to go away
Love ain't gonna let you
Give me tonight

Walking, with you through the park
Now it's, my voice in the darkness
Just like the girl trying to tell her guy
I'm telling you, we must say goodbye
I can't believe when I hear once more
The very words that were said before

Come from deep within your broken heart

Give me tonight
Give me tonight
Give me tonight

Gimme (gimme, gimme, gimme, gim-)
Gimme (gimme)
Gimme (gimme, gimme, gimme)
(Gimme, gimme, gimme)


Letra añadida por: voicemen (#45)

Danny Noriega (Adore Delano)
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