Canción 'Dope, Money, and Hoes' del disco 'Lord$ Never Worry' interpretada por A$AP Mob

Dope, Money, and Hoes Letra

A$AP Mob (ft. Da$H)

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DOPE, MONEY, AND HOES es una canción de A$AP Mob y Da$H del año 2012, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Lord$ Never Worry.

Letra 'Dope, Money, and Hoes'

Dope, , and hoes

[Verse 1: Da$h]
Ain't write it, thought of this when I was drunk driving
Like I had a license, been swerving through the intersect
Just to make the bitches wet, breakfast: yac and cigarettes
Feds about the only threat, spit nasty like my throat is strep
She working at the pyramid, shake her butt for some bucks from Tut
Pharaoh to the marrow, Cleopatra roll my dutch
Dour blunts they double stuffed, got a ni*** stupid chopped
Used to squad these faggots' wives, the bitches that I used to pop
Wear the shit I used to cop, respect your elders lil ni***
Ain't even of age to drink, I get your ho to buy me liquor
'Linquent shit, I live for it, they trying but might die for it
These drugs got my brain, money got my mind finding fun in crime
Bitches love my rhymes, to be honest I love their mouth at campuses
Looking for talents just like I'm a
Ask her what she shout, I'm ashing her on the fuc*** couch

Dope, money, and hoes, getting dope money from shows
She sniff her coke then she blow, f*** it, I don't judge it though
Sugar free, no love for sure, just put 'em on Sepulveda
Benefits and bank rolls, all a ni*** really want from her
And when she bring it back, call my brother hit the trap
Invested in a couple packs, will probably see a couple stacks from what he talkin
Money hulking like Bruce Banner
Panarama day dreaming while she down my semen on camera
Lights and action, piping, smashing whatever you call it
Smoke a 'Port and I'm off it, they fuc*** think I lost it
Never ni***

In my yard facing blunts while I feed my pups bath salts
Infiltrate my castle, take your face like it's a mask boss
Pass raw flesh and bone, money long like small intestines
Homes I'm taking breakfast, long as getting checks involved Hz ni***
Cause if you ain't know, AraabMuzik

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