'Put That on My Set' de A$AP Mob (Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends)

Put That on My Set

A$AP Mob (ft. A$AP Rocky)

'Put That on My Set' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends.


Put that on my set, uhh, uhh
Put that on my set
I recollect, uhh, uhh
Time to count some checks
They go collect, uhh
They owe some debt
Nothin' over, nothin' less
And hoes on deck, and plus I flex
I put that on my set

Understand, I'm a man tryna make it in a world of death
She just wanna f*** and I just met her at the club
And now we left
I just wanna fuckin' love her, rough her
She was lovin' nothin' less
I just love how we're bustin'
Nuttin' all up on her fuc*** chest
God I love that dress
God I love the way she dress, she fresh
God I love her breasts
God I love her thighs and eyes and uhh
Swear to God I'm outta breath
Swear to God if I get out of line, she checkin'
Only time we naked
Only time she complainin' and demand for private jets
Twist my fingers, put that on my set
F*** the other side, no disrespect, uhh
Talking crazy, niggas comin' at my neck
Man, that's word to Skepta, I'ma put that on my set

Show respect, I'ma aim for the neck
I'ma make some ghosts, when it comes to the raps
Man I must be possessed
When you see me up close, when you look into my eyes
When you see how I flex
Just me and my dargs, and another handful of cats
I ain't tryna f*** with the rest
Man, I'm ready to die, my soul's in the sky
See the pain in my eyes
I don't wanna cry, put my life on the line
For my blood all the time
I see all the signs, but it's like they blind
Tryna kill me for mine
Now this all behind, the police tryna find
DNA on the nine
Man open the door, real niggas on tour
Man, I'm ready for war
Ten toes on the floor, f*** with me on the 3rd
It will be Halloween on the 4th
Yeah, all the way from the East to the North
Rocky billin' up that Backwood
Spilling mad weed on the floor

Need that on my set, eyy, eyy
Put that on my set
I said, I flex, eyy, eyy
What's that on my neck?
Eyy, eyy, put that on my set
I said, I flex, eyy, eyy
What's that on my neck?
They called baguettes, these bitches sweat
These niggas know, they all in check
And hoes on deck
And plus I flex, I put that on my set