Skool Bus (Skit) Letra y Canción

A$AP Mob

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SKOOL BUS (SKIT) es una canción de A$AP Mob que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy.


'Skool Bus (Skit)'

What up my brothers and sisters?
How y'all feelin?
Them Sean [?] you got on?
Yo ass got on some muhfuckin' mosquito stompers
Them bitches ??? as hell, on my momma boy
Yo ass tried to stop a motorcycle with them Sean [?] on
They skinned yo big toe off, on my momma
Lost a toe nail, rest in peace to that toe nail, on my momma
Look like you chewin your [?]
Who said that?
Me, ni***
Imma bake yo big ass
You think you hot, too
Took your ass three months to f*** a fat BBW midget, on my momma
You tricked off and everything
You took that bitch to Spain for twenty-four hours and back
And fingered her ass
You thought you was the man
You ain't hit the pu***, just fingered it
Hit the finger with the thumb, on my momma yo
"I got a kiss, though!"
Dirt up
Wet big toe head ass, boy, on my momma
Nigga all your teeth different lengths though, ni***
Sunday school legends