1:03 AM, amen, oh man!
I just missed the last train
Now I’m stuck here once again
Just me, the cold, and my pals vanity, the paper and the pen

Always trying to get home, don’t get me wrong
I know I’m saying nothing new
But did you ever feel so on your own, surrounded by kindness and concern
Family and friends, and totally alone?

While breaking down, deep dark down
While falling down, further, deeper down

Time went by so fast while I broke inside
Thought I was so tough and I was bleeding
But I don’t cry for my lost youth, mistakes, lies I thought were true
It’s just that in the end it finally really hurts

While I break down, deep dark down
While falling down, further, deeper down

So here I am, like so many times before
Scraping the dirt off my clothes as I get up from the floor
And I’ll do it again, pick up the flags and banners and pretend
That I won’t even care about next time that I fall down

That I break down, deep dark down
That I fall down, further deeper down.
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