Mavi Phoenix

I do it nonstop, love that Hip Hop
Yeah I do it like I do it
I love ASAP
I do it nonstop and I won't ever flop
Yeah I do it like I do it
I love 2Pac

Ey what up Ray-C 
Us two, we're misfits
No pretty boy
Ain't your egyptian mistress 
Got 'em roots down in the south 
At the pyramids
Got the eyes of Cleopatra, where the pupils at bitch?
And my sound ain't bad yo
I got 'em dancing on the floor like 'Mad flow!'
And all these chicks in the rap game are rad yo
But can they handle their own beats? No I don't know
And I don't care
Haters everywhere
I try to teach 'em there are things that you just can't compare
'Cause there are many different styles and they ain't aware
And I remember when I first performed how they'd stare

Oh oh oh, I wanna make you feel good
Give you power through the sounds
Yeah you never thought I would, did ya?
Talk shit, I swear I couldn't care less
'Cause the people in this business think that I am really fresh
'Little girl'
F*** it now I'm grown but you won't take me serious
Not before I'm known
Okay that's alright
'Cause the only thing on my mind is a 12h flight

So okay, this is the last verse
B.I.G homeboys got me saying 'Swerve'
These are the perks of being me
I can say what I want no one cares about me
They start to treat me like I'm the next big thing
And I get so stressed 'cause I handled it like a game
Now I'm working just to finance my things
My many projects and that golden Bling-Bling

Mavi Phoenix

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