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F64 #3

I'm one of the coldest, boldest spitters in the scene
Just know this, quote this
I don't give a shit for your team and the boys that you roll with
I take down any foe that's approaching
I rose like Bane from the depths
When many man failed breakin' their necks
When taking a step and escapin' the pit
You chat shit like a bitch in a text
I ain't Devs I'm Doctor Moriarty
And the reason the booth's getting fiery is cos I'm inside it burning my library
So the police can't read it and find me
If you want a sick 16 hire me
If not you remain in my debt to the day that you die and they lay you to rest
Let the devil spit flames on your flesh
It's the last barbarian, Fred Krueger I get strong when I'm scaring 'em
Like to feed off fear 'till I'm fat like tyrants in a world totalitarian
I'm a killer whale in a tank but they're all small fish in a social aquarium
Ain't a nursing home I don't care for them
Spit your flows at home or get air through them
Cos they want 64, 3 no disrespect SB you know me
But I might have to call this OT.TV if I carry on going on
I'm grimier than ODB
Drugged up diabetic, with dermatographia along side musical OCD
How sickening can one man be? Believe
It's the vocal assassin so just let me know who's gassin'
Forget verbals I might man handle the maggot
Then throw him inside of the Volvo wagon
Cos this the love child of the Krakken
That thrived in passion all night inside of a Chinese dragon, no myths
I burn sets in a monstrous fashion
Oh shit Devlin's back and he's vengent with a vendetta
Like V from the film I'm lethal at will
So call me the trigger I'm Gibson's weapon
Now I'm letting off anything that I've got to be top of the spot
There's some that wanna rock but cannot get chopped like shallots
Borrow Yoshimitsu's blade from Tekken
'Cause words are a dangerous weapon
When they're in the hands of a dangerous man
Run, tell 'em all that Jimmy's in town, about to get down
Like Jim from the town
But they just can't shoot me down
I'm Doc Brown I'm too far gone
In the future now, I'm gonna cruise around and drop bombs
Everybody knows who's about, I'm not gone
But just look where it started
'Cause I've been on the ball ever since that I played for Senrab on Hackney Marshes
Buying trainers from Dagenham market
Behind ____ estate in Barking now who's laughing?
I'mma carry on dropping these freestyles
While I keep making songs that are chartin'
Jim to the Laden


F64 #3


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