All eyes on the team like we live in Big Brother
Don't like me? Then suck your mum's mother
My bars are hard like Giggs' front cover
And after I'm gone there'll never be another (never)
Cause I'm a grime MC
And I'll still got mainstream music down to a T
No one in the scene's as rowdy as me
Get burnt to 1000 degrees, then shipped to Calcutta
You'll face deportation
Escorted to hell by four freemasons
Left 24 hours a day
In a cell in the shadows with Freddy and Jason
I don't know who they think that they're facing
I'm like dark man, I'm faceless
OT start mosh pits in the rave
And if you don't believe me, ask Chase & Status
But this year, I'm changing my status
I can see cracks in the game like craters
And when I get a chance to make money
I don't think twice like hungry alligators
Haters who wanna eradicate us with their envious eyes
But it's funny in life, you come across men that are live
And some that are stuck up cunts like vibrators
So save this
I don't give a fuck about C list or A list
Just make sure you've got my record on your playlist
Or I'll aim where your brain is
I woke up from a nightmare dead
With a map that led to where Dracula's grave is
Now I know where you suckers all rest
I'll return with a stake that's infected with rabies
And I'll impale you on it like Vlad the Impaler
Let's talk war like JD I might tricks on the track known as a common veiler
You won't like what you see like an angry fan or spectator
The day you invade my space you're in danger
So don't get too pally
Like Willis and Halle in the move The Perfect Stranger
It's time to get personal, I'm gonna burn 'em all
Like the blitz I don't give two shits
And I'll give it to 'em straight like my first name's Vertical
You and your bird and all
So you better get ready for the Holocaust
Devz them will follow like a one man metaphor machine's on 'em all
Like Blair and Bush, got 'em shook
Cause they know that I'll bomb them all
So rearrange your regiment
Devz I'm a bomber like Americas first ever mixed race President
So therefore it's evident you better fly away like a pelican
Or else get spun by the son named Devlin
The thrill of the kill's what I revel in
I came here from an alien settlement
Blessed with an extraterrestrial intelligence
So do you know what vision is? The writing's on the wall
Like an old set of hieroglyphs inside of the pyramids
I'll raise an army of dogs from the dead like Anubis
And then we can finish this
Quick like a fat man's dinner
They wanna chat about their background driller
Get smacked down quicker than a rat in an action thriller
Devz, Lewi, Zilla
Griminal, Ghetts and Rawz Artilla
I've got bars that are sicker than the Ipswich Ripper
And I proved my point as a nipper
Way back then, at a very young age
Beside big names, spitting out flames
F*** what they say, hold tight Zdot on this one
Let's ruin everyone's day
I write rhymes with an eye cause I'm darker
You best scarper
You'll get let down the road to disaster
Cause I'm the man that's behind the bars
But I ain't Oli Barker
I'm like Jason Shetty but sharper
Pen point at the drama
Frank Sinatra with a combover, cigarette and lager
And I've got everyone edging


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