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Who's running our city?
Who's got the ting pon lock right now in our city? We know, we know
And who's repping our city?
Who talks the talk, who walks the walk in our city? We know, we know
What about them?
If you're feeling froggy, then leap
If you're feeling froggy, then leap

They never expected this
Know my nigga in the
Still got extra clips
This is effortless
Everyone's got a good freestyle
But the question is
Can you maintain the highest level of excellence?
If it's yes then I wanna hear the evidence
Ten years from now, in front of these newcomers
Your rating'll still be relevant
Where's my bruddas that I came in the game with?
I won't say names cause the subject's delicate, fuck that
Where's Shizzle? Where's Fumin?
Where's Ryder? Where's Bruza?
I've got fans that don't even know them
This ain't a send, this is promotions
Where's Napper? Where's Dimples?
Where's all the niggas in the class of '04 that thought it was simple?
A class full of stars ain't all gonna twinkle
You know like that
Life, sometimes it goes like that
I just did a show in Toronto
And now I'm gonna go right back
Fly all over the map, or at least try
Used to start bars like "mic check, 1, 2"
Shoutout all them artists that I once knew
You had a dream, I had one too
I used to hate when people compared us
Some said you was all better than I was
I ain't saying that they're wrong or right
But they ain't got none of your music on their iPods
I've come to the conclusion
It's no illusion when I come through
I know it sounds disrespectful
When I name MCs that are disconnected
But this ain't a diss, look at it from this perspective
You're in a class full of students
And you've got the lowest grades
So you know what the whole school's assuming
But that ain't the case at the school reunion

Look at everyone they tried to compare me to
At first, it was Scratch and Mike
Skinner cause I'm white
How comical, can't categorise me, I ain't like
Any other man, are you crazy?
I ain't got a wife called Kim and a child called Hailie
But yet apparently, I'm the UK's Slim Shady
I laugh at the gas, cause I'm Martian, in fact
No man from this Earth could've made me
And that's a fact, I never got where I got in this spot being lazy
Talk trash, I ain't acting flash but they'll play my songs
Even when I'm past death like Swayze
This genre enslaves me, but the gods'll repay me
When I'm gone like Amy
But until then, my will strength
Is too strong so evade me
This is real, Ghetts
So when I kill threats
We're in the field, yes
I wanna build next
Chapters and feel plainly
That I frog-leaped everyone here
Ain't nothing funny like Bill Bailey, I've gone clear

You know what about them
They ain't know like that
You know, like that? So I tell em
If you feeling froggy then leap
We know, don't say a word
We know, we know
We know, we know


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