Long gone are the days of no worries
Kids need money so they start bagging up in a hurry
And a hundred's sweeter than honey
When you're cold and tired with the emptiest tummy
Government says that computer games
Keep changing the way we kids think today
Not one of them didn't stop, think, and say
About inflation and all of the tax we pay
You get robbed at work and robbed on the street
So it's back to the street
Getting rid of that weight
I'd love to run a big black van over the taxman
And reverse, turn his pockets out
It's no good being broke on the street
Getting chased by police
Sent mental by smoking the weed
Big Brother's got both eyes on me;
How the fuck am I supposed to proceed?

I'm paranoid, looking over my shoulder
Because I think everybody's looking over my shoulder
I'm a sadist, I'm black and white like the Lone Ranger
I'm a deranged loner, everyone's a stranger
These times got me not trusting anyone
You could get tucked up by anyone
And it could be anybody, anyone
With a knife, with a gun
I'm eighteen now, pray to god I see twenty-one
Backstabbers, slags and bag-snatchers
Crack matters in flats tattered
Shotters pass crack through the front window
That's been shattered
It gets chopped like salad
Then shots get scattered
I'm from the land of exploding backpackers
Crack whores and slappers
Hard workers, slackers
Stabbers and metal packers that are callous
After this I feel like nothing matters

You can't even fart and get away with it
Let alone cocking the gun and then spray with it
What can I say? It's your life and you'll pay with it
'Cos there's CCTV moving in
And it saw you proceed to start shooting him
Now welcome to jail, son, you're moving in
You're needing to rethink the shoes you're in
Before you end up in a place that's truly grim
And the bus ain't two pound for any reason
They want you to get an Oyster 'cos it's cheaper
They cut the prices in half
So they can get your name and picture on a card
They know where you are now
Any time of day
If it's two hundred pennies I'd rather pay
Five buses for ten pound? That's a liberty
But I won't let pricks invade my privacy


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