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Verse 1:
Faced with the choice I had
I was lucky with the boys I had
So I stuck to my guns
Like I had a handful of no more nails
And I picked up a strap
And it paid off, can't sail off yet though
I've got a lot of work left
Gotta rep for those who rep me
From when I wasn't anyone and nobody had heard Dev's
But now it's all changed round
I've got so lucky I'm James Brown
So pass me a tin, I'm Montana
I hope you like red because I'm painting the town
It feels like a million years
That I've waited and been frustrated
But now its orchestrated and now I'm ordering a riot
Look who s back to torture the sound
You couldn't keep me away too long
I became more strong as the race went on
I've been writing rhymes for 9 years
In the blink of an eye that's 9 years gone
Maybe I should have been a doctor
And help anybody who was weak get strong
Who knows, but all I know now
Is that the life I've got, trying to grind for my spot
Look back to my youtube footage
And you'll see my rise to the top
I'm the guy who inspired these blocks
Ever since 05, I've thrived in the fire and it's hot
Me and Ghetts made changes
To what MC's wrote on the pages
And gave young guys a guide
To proceed with writing rhymes that are dangerous
A license to be lyrical
Inside of the life of a ridicule
I cut through my own umbilical cord
With a flick knife and I turned up in the physical
As man in the flesh
I need answers like I need breath
Finding yourself is hard at its best
But on the large scale, part of the test
So we solider on
Trying to do what's right on the road to wrong
All the highs and lows and the times in the cold
Just made me equipped for the time that I've got
Left on the planet, I've got to run till my legs can't hack it
Thought I was gone then you're wrong
Devlin's here and it's Jim not Janet

Follow me on my Journey
Follow me on my Journey
Follow me

Verse 2
Way back in my early days
They wouldn't fuck me like a bird with aids
Now it's all love when I walk on the stage
But those that I wanted to love me, escaped
So now I'm creating a canvas
Take to a camera, capture a still
And in your own personal ways
Develop the negatives in your own brain
And take what you want, what you will
This journey is ill but I'm firm in it still
Fixated on striking it right
The goals in sight now that I'm a little further up field
I'm stronger than ever, Incredible Hulk with his own vendetta
Can't drop bombs on devs in a set up
Step back merely wander at will
I smile at the grimace inside of this ill pill grimmage
Out of my mind and my mind is my limit
Then I think you'll find that I can do what I like till the whole films finished
And you know that I will make the most of my deal
Over the next twelve months I've got to get close to a mill
Drinks in the air I'm lifting the spirits
Just like weights on the bar, tell the pretty lady to wait at the bar
Buy her more bailees and wait for the car
I ain't a killer but I sure do kill it
Now I seen the best of days on this escapade
On walking on bricks pre-laid
Cos the quest was paved
Now I bet you wish you could live it


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