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I ain't never seen a day like this
I just lost my job and now I'm really pissed
My sock's got a hole in it and my jeans are ripped
Ribs touching I'm broke and that's it
Imagine it, Dogz on a high climb
Dogz getting paid right, I can't subside
I can't be conquered I swear on my life
Against all odds I'll stand and rise
My weapon's my mouth, my mouth's an AK
Sprays, ricochets
Bullets on roadways
I can't be saved, locked on a (?)
Reached for the sky for advice and prayed
Someone save me I've got an ache on my soul and it hurts everyday
No way, you can't just leave me
I'm all alone here (?)

I stare into the stars and reach out
Never gonna' die, never going out, never going down
This is our time, our weapons our mouths
I look up to the sky and scream out
Why did you leave me like this?
On my own in the mist
Alone and prone, it's been told
(?) cold

We've been left and I see how cold it is
Solitude, Loneliness
My life so I've got to get a hold of it
From day one always roll with the older kids
Most of them want to just moan and keep boning spliffs
What? Another waste of life
Another waste of time
I've got the greatest lines
See your demons I'm facing mine
With pressure so immense you could break your spine
I'm trapped in a web
Yes I've got mad (?) in my head
Everybody breathes but they're actually dead
Not much to live for
Some kids join the army and fight his war
Yeah I'm talking about Blair and also fuck Livingston
Hope they get murdered in their own fucking living room
Somebody give it to them, Empty the clip in them

I feel kind of lost in this world on my own
I'm all alone and there's no Mummy in the home
No dinner on my plate and my bedroom's cold
I have to go, where I'm going I don't really know
Cause all I know I will be out on the street
Said 'Mum I'm leaving' she said
'Well leave, I've met this guy and he's moving in with me'
Can't you see? I was on the street at 14
I'm feeling kind of lost in this world that I see
All I see is enemies and fatalities
I'm feeling kind of down so I (?)
I'm staring at your picture, do you see me?
Staring at the stars in the sky everynight
And I scream for my life, I'm still trying
Lee, I'm still trying
Daddy, I'm still trying

I've had more than a few occupations
Rows with the bosses causes obligations
All I really care about (?)
Lyrics I've created and raising the stakes to amazing
Take me out of the streets I was raised in
Dagenham, too many days in
I'll still be a little shit from the manner I was raised in
Operation escape caved in
Now I'm stuck here slaving away
I never stole the game they gave it away
Them thoughts in my head just basically say
Keep on going one day it will all be ok
I'll use my mouth as a weapon
Cause I'm the pinnacle of lyrical and I didn't doubt that for a second
Your life's full of lessons, don't let hard times come and stop your progression





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