Now I can wait, maybe some more
Time is over, exit I’ll find
You won’t know where I will go again
I can make shine my soul, shades are off from me

Warm nights are awaiting
The pain has gone away, once for all, is gone

Just remembering
Just to be strong
Time to leave all the failed moments go
I know I’ll beat, all the tears I dropped in vain
(Time to grow on)
And finaly feel what I have always feared (dreamed)

‘Been carrying lies that I have left behind
Suffering kept in my eyes make me cry
Time is going by, I cannot waste my life
I wish to walk beyond the end

I saw back now and fear’s fading
I must keep moving on
Sail to the shore
I must arrive

I take away from me, those hard pictures
Painting back what I felt I have lost
(Keeping my memory alive)
Closing the wounds, the fire once did in my skin
(Life now goes on)
And release the shadows, blinding light that guides the way to go

Set me free from pain
(Time to grow on)
Release the fear inside, shadows fade
(Facing what I was afraid)
Breaking walls with my hands
(Time to leave all)
Now I my hand’s rebuilding my strenght
My heart keeps beating while my war is done.

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