The Lone Bellow

Letra de la canción

Break into the diners at midnight
Every light is out but the moonlight
Miss me at the table as you hobble on
Pretend I'm the one you still love
Play another song for your black heart
Put another coin in that jukebox
Dance along to all of the sad George Jones
Cry, cry, cry

Where are you now?
Where have you been?
Why do I waste, waste, waste
All the love that you lend?

Find another town where they ain't seen
How you break the windows while they sleep
Trailer broken diners found all along the highway
From here to St. Paul
It's a crying shame how you can't lie
Tell yourself I'm gone from your mind's eye
Jukebox plays some Willie, life of the times
And you cry, cry, cry

Where did you go?
You left me to death
The rules that I break, break, break
Into diners and sing

All of these sad, sad songs
Like I never did you wrong
Dance on the tables and pause, and scream
I am the one that you love

[Chorus] + [Refrain]
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ChamLee (#54)

The Lone Bellow
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