Be Famous - Jazmine Sullivan

Be Famous

Jazmine Sullivan

Letra, canción


'Be Famous'


I used to dream about cars and things/
About being a star and things/
I thought that I would outgrow these things/
Its seems my dreams won't go away/
So its more like a nightmare, keeping me up all night/
Like a nightmare, its taking over my mind/
My desire burns inside like a flame and it can't and it won't be contained/

So I gotta be famous
I gotta be somebody/
So I gotta be famous
I gotta be somebody

Verse 1
12 years old in my 6th grade class
Spit a freestyle and my niggas just laughed/
Told em one day I'mma perfect that flow
When I sign my deal I'mma stack that dough/
Hooks up looks up damn near 30
Full time job and my beard getting furry/
Cursed with the verse bills due on the first/
Its already the 10th and I'm damn near worried/
How Rap going? F*** you quit asking/
Most niggas trash and they fans just gas em/
Laugh at they ass when they pass I harass them/
Tell em I was born with the creed of assassins/
Tell em I'mma be in the back of they band wagon/
Leave stretched out with the 4 and I'm fantastic/
I'mma be famous for lyrics I hand crafted
Or else we all going to war and you been drafted/
And this is the sickness I spit with the system was built against us/
But I'mma be famous not nameless this game is just glory and guts/
Sweat and some tears, damn its been years/
Blood and some pain, nightmares and fears/
Dreams and some goals, demons and souls/
Stakes too high I'll be damned if I fold/
Damned if I leave, damned if I quit/
Cuz I'm so close but yet so far
A ghetto star/a black lil kid
Who just wanna make it just get big/
Is that too much, is that unreal?/
Is it in my hands or in God's will?/
Is it up to me or is it up to yall?/
If I get that high is it enough to fall?


Verse 2
Looking at my life seeing what I became/
Baptized in water walking right into the flame/
Eyes on the prize for the family and the guys/
F*** the money and the fame I'm just trying to survive/
Trying to stay alive when you grow up in the Chi/
Its psycho with the drama you could really do or die/
Its kids killing kids you just read it on the news/
But they headed to the block instead of headed to the school/
Pistol and a tool see he hungry and confused/
You ain't thinking about your future when you focused on some shoes/
Trying to push a pack til you make a couple racks/
Get fly for some hoes, can't no niggas hold you back/
But all these young niggas backwards/
And all these Rap niggas actors/
And if fame is a factor
I'mma ball in the game til my name in the rafters/
Change up the lane I'm insane with this rap shit/
Aim with the flame like I came with a match stick/
Hit em with the heaters you can feel it through your speaksers/
Through your subs and your tweeters
Make your brian do a black flip/
Shit too sick with the word play/
Blowing money fast call it cake on my birthday/
Trying to get a motherfucking single on the radio/
Paying all these dj's they still won't play me though



Just trying to make it out out here
We all trying to survive
Moving forward in any way we can
Staying in motion, trying not to give up
Even when its a setup
But we gotta make it
We ain't got no choice but make it
You NEED TO BE Famous
Then this is what you do